No Burning or Incineration

Gasification can be one of the tools used in our shift to a lower carbon economy. In particular, the gasification process releases no GHGs as landfilling and incineration of waste do. When trash/waste sits in a landfill it releases significant amounts of methane as it decomposes. If this methane isn’t captured, it goes into the air where it is 30X –- 3000% – more potent as a heat trapping gas, which is an averaged figure. Methane in fact can trap up to 100 times more -10,000% more - heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide within a 5 year period, and 72 times more within a 20 year period. The landfill process also requires a lot of trucking of waste materials, which also contributes to its greenhouse gas emissions. If gasification plants can tap into readily available waste nearby, they can reduce emissions from trucking as well.

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